Daily Archives: August 17, 2013

The Colourful Bonanza

Down there in the garden
saw a beautiful fountain
spurting out into ebullience
reflecting grand in the sunlight
with colours in variance
initially with red and green
then with blue and yellow
all in an exuberant glow
with intermittent flash of lights
that added charm to the spray.

Children went round the fountain
clapping the hands in joy
getting wet in the shower
brushing aside the water in gay
trying to get into the spray
pulled back by their parents in fear
enjoying at the luxurious splendour
dancing to the colouring in glee
had a time most memorable and lovely
which would stay in their memory for long.colourful fountain

A Ploy Well Played.

Calling it quits
he went out in fitsquit
when rage becomes a wit
while disappointment brings in dim wit.
He walked away enraged
losing his courage
as holding in the range
was abandoned in ways strange.
Knowing how to provoke
they force him to revoke
gaining a victory wholesome
making him a dummy in the sum.
Their plan being worked out
they imperiously go about
enjoying every moment in a chuckle
while he resigns in a buckle.

A Refreshment On The Go.

A strange uneasiness has set in
Quite unpleasant and insecure feel
creeps in with an irrational deal.
Likening to go for a heal
made way across in a steal
with an intention to equip
the mind and physique
rejuvenating them to a sleek
steady and brisk ethic
having triedmind, body such caressing
many a time had been refreshing
but only for a time not insisting
a lifelong refurbishing.
Anyhow, the temporary delivery
had added to the inventory
that had been tabulated resource fully
and codified in the mind instantly
modifying the body instantaneously.

The Ways To live.

The way you speak
the way you behave
makes you stand out.
Peeking into other’s affairs
Propping unnecessarily
makes you unwanted.
Passing remarks
scathing and irrelevant
makes you disliked
Talking rudely
Telling lies
makesrude talk you detested.
These are few in the code
that brings out in mode
the ways to live.