Daily Archives: August 1, 2013

Rains Dodge.

The sky gets dark in the afternoon
with the clouds gathering in one fold
It is still and cool with no winds
all signalling a bountiful rain.
Lo! nothing happened as it remained so
pleasant and chill, delightful and delicious.
Like men rains do dodge too.rains dodge

The Web -Based Philosophy.

The philosophy of life changes
with the people going ahead
in science and technology
adapting themselves to web-based life
as anything and any other thing
comes to them on the screen
browsing, searching, linking
all in minutes and seconds
very much different from the world
a decade back with posts and telegrams
taking their sweet time to get across.
With the innovations men like to align
with the fast tracking and dashing lifestyle
letting down the lethargic thoughts of deliberations
and discussions all long winding and tedious.
A new conceptual deliverance has come to live
with the tidings crucial and gorgeous.
web based

Grand Goes All

Occasions need to be discriminated
as public and private and intermediate
that which goes with a grandeur
on events as small as birthdays
take us to an out of proportion element
whereas an incident of honour by an award
granted for stupendous services
and for contributions to art and science
go unrecognised and unknown at larger levels.
The recipients of these honours meritorious
would shun such publicity goes without saying
but the desire to celebrate a birthday
an anniversary, sweet sixteen
all take us to a typical distraction
Well, that might be an individual’s wish
but could be done with less expense
whilecelebration-fireworks moderation could be settled in for.