Daily Archives: August 10, 2013

Travel I Do.

Being a pure vegetarian from birth
used up to home-made food for long
travelling did not bring much mirth,
Nothing much to eat all the way
and nothing like to eat in the cafe
I sit in a corner with an empty tray
during dining time very safe
with a fruit juice iced
seeing others enjoy the dinner
and eat all else not even fried
from egg to chicken not thinner
lambs to cows all grilled
pork to fish very much smellyfruit juice
all without any discount
make me feverish and disorient
so as days into traveling in the count
get tired and exhausted with disjoint
wishing to get back home at the best
as every time I decide in a hush
not to undertake excursions and take rest
but all times I break my vow in a crush
as the enthusiasm to see places
overwhelms and conquers in a rush
my otherwise low ebbing spirit in a chase.

Quiz A Gamble?

Quizzing takes me out-of-the-way
as I find no interest in the fray
posing questions all in a manner
very different from other banners
where the entertainment is not great
but the squirming is heavy in rate
structuring the quiz master as versatile
picturing he knows thoroughly everything in the trial
asking questions on everything under the sun
science, fiction, sports and quotes in the run
That be going on well with a community
who revel on its strategic immunity.
Recently, quizzing is becoming a gamble
where millions are betted not in a shamble
pulling the enthusiasts to the media
with an entry fee as an intermedia
conducting the episode with a grandeur
behind it lies the advertisements in tandem
funding liberally the pricing and prizing
in the guise of entertainment in the fixing.quizzing

Real Treasure

Digging the garden
on a Sunday morning
found an urn
filled with things
that I dare not see.
Unearthing it with care
kept it under the shade
went on digging more
with the hope of finding still more
So went on with the work all through
eagerly looking into the pit true
and keeping the ears open wide
wanting to stop the work on side
when I hear a clang loud
I went on digging altogether
five hours went by in hot weather
but could find none other.
Exhausted sat with displeasure
forgetting about the treasure
that lay under the tree.
Slept for a while without glee
got up to find that most of my garden
has been tilted for once all by me
.With gratitude to the treasure lying idle
went back home with a solace great
that I have done a good work at the rate
that proved digginga reward of its own.

The Insects On The Way.

We find joy talking about
nature and its beauty
We spend time seeing its nuances
oceans, hills, valleys
and get blown away .
The breeze and tides
carry us away
while the birds colourful
take us along in a fly.
The animals that we daily see
cats and dogs
hold us in the fray
but not tearthwormhe insects
that we meet daily
keep us glued .
Why?I set to ponder
the caterpillar and the earthworm
do not make us wonder.

Kettle On

With sound of the kettle
and clattering of pans
another day begins
The appeasing lies
not merely on the stomach
also on the taste buds
which pass comments many kettle
over tastes too much in any
be it sweet or hot or bitter
care should be there always
as anything allowed to remain long
gets overburnt beyond redemption
anything that is switched off quickly
stays unboiled again unfit for consumption
The morning passes tensed up mostly
with the ladle in the hand
and the apron round the neck.