Daily Archives: August 21, 2013

August From Caeser

August is a lovely month
though being eighth month
a number repelled by many
it has a pleasantness
that none other months possess.
In arid regions it is moderate
In the cold countries
it is the most beautiful
with flowers colourful
and weather fair full of warmth.
The hemispheres north and south
do have temperate climate
as August deals out in rate
an august cordiality
with a whistling of breeze softly
along with rains pouring gently
like showers lively and sleek
while the sun plays hide and seek
as the children all over the world
play out imbibing lot of wealth untold
through sunshine and fresh air
which enhances their colour to fair
boosting their energy and stamina
as they extend an array of vitamin
that make them cherubic and robust.
Then name derived from great Augustus CaeAugustusAugustser
August extols an immaculate pleasure.

The Anger Of Sun

The Sun is very angry
shining with a fury
making everyone weary
posting a slurry
proposing in a hurry
a treaty not very airy
but very slippery
calling for treaty
which is shortly
environment friendly
needed greatly
for man to live harmoniously
with nature peacefully.
Will man accept it readily?
Will he adopt it surely?
have to watch patiently.sun  furious.

The Good Old World.

The father was away from home
The mother being at home
bothered about the money
and the interest it would fetch.
Supervising the kitchen
bossing over the servants
She admitted her children in school
with the full belief that it would
churn intellectuals on the go
but her children became nuts
behaving quixotically and looking funny.
The father came and was pained to see them
so he sent his children to hostels
hoping to get good results
Again, there happened the same course
with the children making nothing out of itfoolish children
That which is seen in early years
stood through all the years
with the father and mother gone
the children behave as frivolous as ever
doing nothing essential but everything invalid
all of them have crossed the sixties
Yes, the world is so large and kind
holding such people in its loving fold.

Beggars Would Become Kings

Grand was the morning
with a hot cup of tea
and a pleasant weather to suit
the day looked extremely cheerful
know not for what but with the intuition
that the day is going to give out an experience
or else release some remarkable gift
that would be cherished through life.
Instincts and intuitions do keep
these are truly the hallucination of the mind
working in a direction and visualising the same
hoping that is going to happen quickly and favourably.
if every thought converts itself into an action.
If every feel transforms itself into an experience.
if every emotion transcends into a poem
then beggars wold become kings
and bkings
Kings would look foolish.

Hurt She does.

The habit of hurting others
is her latest practice
To me it appears recent
but I feAr it is in her for long.
Talking with a pungency
telling things unnecessary
speaking about others in length
with whom I hold no relationHurting-Someone-300x200
mainly to agitate me
has become her new style.
Ignoring her,I went past her
Not recognising her
but comes she with a smile
commenting on affairs I detest.
The next time she does so
have decided to tell straight to her face
run away from my sight and get lost.

Unknown Device.

The wish of few gets fulfilled
while the wish of many get dished.
The few are supposed to be lucky
with things getting accomplished
The rest are considered unfortunate
as they could not go by their intention.
This is how the world views
and this is how the men think.
Beyond this superficial appeals
there are many great devices behind
that act and react with a purpose
giving out a responsible answer
and emphatically calling out
the reasons for such projections.unknown force