Daily Archives: August 13, 2013

Scratching The Head.

Upon a tree
sat a monkey
scratching her head
There came two other monkeys
might be her friends for long.
They had a reliable chat
with voice raising high
interrupted by a guffaw
intercepted by gestures
including humour and feelings
as well as love and tales
It was nice to watch them
Amonkey on a treelmost half an hour passed
taking not my eyes from them
followed their talk
could make nothing out
but could understand
that there was a bondage
strong and lasting
kept them in terms
without much trepidation.
Slightly off the track
I thought of men
not very appropriate at this time
but could not stop comparing
as men could not prolong
with such affinity
not able to connect so affably
Thinking so, I turned back
scratching my head.

Away From Death

death  nearA brief stay in this world
might look longer to human
being the life span of men
about sixty to seventy years
in the maximum all through
is but a decimal in the millennium
cracking through the environment
destroying it without any reservation
entering into other’s lives
confusing them all to a meanly residue
back tracking the priority
forthcoming with the unnecessary
sidelining the principal
delving deep into the immaterial
focuses man on the living style
only just a few yards away from Death

How Much Unsafe?

The fence holds you back
while the gate commands you
making a free entry impossible
with the key to every lock
there goes a feeling of unsafe
insecure be the world we live in
with fences, gates doors and windows
not left plain and wide open
they be fitted with latches and bolts
along with with huge locks and keys
while recently there goes gadgets advanced
the surveillance cameras capturing images
and security alarms beeping every other time
mostly in the night yelling out in deep throat
waking up the neighbourhood to a fear
as if some big burglary is on
while everyone rushes to find out
it is a crossing of a cat
or for that any other animal
that provoked the alarm to sound so noisy
while the real assailing is getting through
the alarm keeps mum and remains silent
with the surveillance in the front
having taken a break from its watch
as it requires a holiday
to click images lovely and beautiful.frontsecuritylocks and keys

Through The Same Window.

The perspective of individual varies
that which is sweet to one
becomes a poison to other
the one sees stars
looking out of the window
the other sand and pebbles
while seeing through the same window.
With perceptions at such a large deviance
no two could be the same
with attitudes and understanding
intersecting and contradicting most
Yet to survive in this world
where incongruities are at work
a compromise and a let go resignation
should take the prime place
with that anyone could get along
let alone succeeding in life
as success is not the only thing’
that matters most in reality
while there being great consequences
that need be tackled with skill.look through the window,

Vibrancy Keeps Going.

Vibrancy has been keeping me going.
Moving out has been a way out
Physical outlandish has been not in my cup
Mental wandering is my sip always
Thinking of one now following suite another
with a short intervals in between
certain times take me a little away.
Swayed away by thoughts I go one into another
while one is taking shape the other collides
giving me a better option and a proposition
bringing delight on most occasions
also landing me in dilemma in other times
Well,that has been how I sustain
with ideas and ideals crowding
with actions and moves gathering
getting into the stream by hopping
out of compulsion and necessitynight dreams
unusually not my way of doing.