Daily Archives: August 11, 2013

The Coy Love.

With the rose in his hand
he said “I love you” in a manner grand
Blushing like the rose with glamour
she went past him without a murmur
He ran behind her like a mad
proposing again in glad.
The girl blushed once more
made her way to the door.
Not knowing what to do.
the coy boy sat down without a cue.
The girl hoping to see him behind
turned back and finding him not in the hind
felt sad and sat down with tears
The feel of love is so strange
not able to express in the range
not possible to show explicitly
it is so deep and keen invariably
a false step would break the heart
mending it would be a task great.

Expectations Hurt.

Expecting nothing
brings a lot of things.
with ornate and adorns
releasing a bright dawn.
Expecting the most
leads to a bare toast
plain without any garnish
being one forced and tarnished.
This be the experience of all
but we go on thinking of the call
when there is really no prompt
beholding a diversified plot
the mind gets on with the clause
going beyond all the choice
considering the gross ahead
then taking up the net instead
with workings in and around
hoping to receive with an abound.
well that is the way we are brought
as we go on making things hot.expectations

The Heart Is In The kitchen

kitchenA house needs an active kitchen
catering to the members demands
all other things become subsidiary
as limousines and furnitures going behind
There being not a great necessity
holding big cars on the drive
and exquisite decorations inside
the kitchen takes a role on the move
with it being fully equipped
not the gadgets modern that go into
but also the utensils age-old that add
with the provisions of quality well stocked
along with the combustion getting on without break
as in countries like India there goes a scarcity
and stocking the fuel is an offence
maintaining the fuel through the burn
either be gas or electricity prudent
above all being efficient in cooking
adds to the validity and reference
as the household could rely on tasteful
and healthy cooking without any forgiving
as this would turn against the intention
redeeming the thought of going out for dining.
Say almost that the kitchen takes the heart of the house
with all means and by all things,

The Effective Police.

There was a big robbery in the bank in midnight
the Police could not crack through.
There was a terrible murder in daylight
the police could not get through.
There was a riot and agitation in the afternoon
the Police could not put through.
There not finding space the man parked his carPolice
the police caught him and charged him then and there.

Disaster great.

The daring deed brought fame
It gave him a recognition.
It ignited the flame
that was in negotiation
whether to burn or not
Burn id did in red
not as a rising dot
but as being led
jumping in such velocity
spreading a curious light
causing an alacrity
never before in sight
warning of a destruction
kindled by his recent glory
telling all that he by seduction
let out by his victory
claims an invincibility
which looks dangerous
contradicting the security
pertaining to be infectious
leading to a disaster infinity.flame

Men And Their Ways.

The thoughts of men
the deeds of men
the lust of men
the greed of men
spring from the den
not knowing when
come up in ten
sometimes like a hen
fluttering like wren
other times from weapons
sharp, incisive and open
getting into the deepen
causing a cut sharpen
with a wordy dampen
able greatly to widen
never possible to shorten
finally releasing a rebellion
bringing in chaos and commotion
rebellionby a siege and desolation.