Birds Flock Together

Birds fly together
from hither to thither
rustling their  lovely feathers
on pursuit of a  lively gather
they go about  searching rather
taking  flight   a little slower
gaining in height  much faster
rounding in the skies images (52)longer
descending much later
eyeing the bait down nether
devouring them in  leisure
fly to a place farther
hunting for a prey greater
soaring up further
returning  an hour after
where their young ones   eager
wait for their fly back altogether
expecting  a wholesome dinner.



The sarcasm in words
go beyond the measure
almost said with a prick
at the appropriate time quick
pierces through the heart
This being almost unsought
and carryingsarcasm much of bad taste
with thoughts unchaste
meant to destroy the peace
aimed to contaminate the ease
subjecting the mind to suffer
That be the aim of the speaker straight
who conveniently drops words with a bait
pulling along with the words a chain
intertwined with venom all to gain.

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A Bait

A little worm in the hook of a fishing net,

Acts us a firm  secure bet,

Clinging and cringing it tempts ,

The fish to make  longing  attempts,

Thrilled to see the tiny bait

It jumps unknowingly   in an ecstatic   trait.



Up ,up it shoots  with a vigour,

Clambering to hold the trigger,

The worm   dances and dangles,

Oscillating in various angles,

The fish makes a  somersault,

Dashes  over and above  without a fault.




The lovely rush through the water,

Holds us in a quick monitor,

While the palpitations rage high,

We sadly perceive with a sigh,

The fish being hauled  by the  hook,

Of the fisherman along the brook .