Life Poetry validate.

The Blue Waters

Looking at the blue waters
I sit there for an hour and quarter
my thoughts wander
as I gaze with wonder
at the waves that come up in a tide
a close kiss on my feet beside
then turn back in a hurry
they go up and down without worry
a fine rhythmic manoeuvre
in a sequential grandeur
amazed I look at the blue waters for long
a thematic presentation in a melodious song
depicting the ebb and flow as a movement of fun
more so as a phenomenon very simple and common
the sequence of life validated through high and low
the method of living explained in moves slow.


It is Low

It is low
the motion is very slow
very well below. 1273159929_l-1382-1155329899


The World Around Him.

Last but one year ago he had funds plenty.
last year he went out to have in twenty.
This year again he copes up to plenty
His graph goes up and down in twenty.

Amazing it is to him always in show
be it his revenues goes up and down in slow
he maintains the same stature in sow
Standing invincible to the picks slow.

He being not a spendthrift all the more
counting each shilling in the fore
yet pounds go out speedily even more
not staying with him in the fore.

Not worried about hs graph rising
he having stocks of assets in the locking
moves around cheerfully with the rising
never disturbed by others talking.

Talk do others of hisgraph position
assigning it to a geometric progression
getting aghast when they weigh the position
as if it is going to hit them out of proportion.

That part of the world around him
watches him with utmost grim
as if they are going to out beat him
by ways bright and dim.

Actions Poem

Shopping In Length.

malls.small shopping.

Shops big and small
shops on pavements
sell goods for a call
high and low.

The belief is so
that big shops
deal with quality in the go
selling branded ones.

The mind-set is so
that small shops
handle mediocre goods in a row
transacting unknown products.

There is one more belief
tha giant malls price
the goods high with no relief
and tax more.

With that goe well
the convincing thought that
small shops sell
for reasonable price.

I believe not these beliefs.
To me shopping is a skill
as to find the quality and tariff
altogether in one go.

Such discriminations
are frivolous and childish
as there are exhibitions
to select and choose.

Small shoppers have
personal touch while
high-end shopping markets enslave
bereft of this intimacy..

Shopping has become a relaxation
a mechanism and automatic
with the online introductions
getting everything at home.

Long ago it was literally
seeing, feeling
and buying virtually.
a lengthy process.

Later on it became’
seeing in hurry and
buying in hurry like a game
a quick procedure.

Now it is express speed
seeing through websites
placing orders online instead
receiving them at home.

There is a change
not in shopping alone
but in every sphere in a range
from medical to learning.


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Many More Like Her.

sadistKate calls and tells with an undertone.

She talks round about with a dual tone.

She converses in a sly tone.

She guffaws with a rude tone.


Kate speaks high about her kids.

She praises   sky-high at all bids.

She  craftily hides their shortcomings in  counter bids.

She  is the best in camouflaging unholy grids.


Kate indulges in talks disoriented.

She builds stories all fabricated.

She passes  distasteful remarks undeterred.

She infests  a saintly glamour unwanted.


Kate has pulled on  for eighty years so.

Running about unmindful of her negative flow.

It is when she is going to get the blow.

Very soon she would find the low.