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The Proposed God-man

God manA relative of mine

not one of blood

talks high of himself

thinks he is a God-man

predicts the events of the day

speaks of sasthras  and discipline

preaches many a time with a diligence

teaches most of the time in a manner crazy

the rituals and practices  in direct  focus

with an authority   not ordinary

actually he knows nothing  in general

as he reads not anything in particular

rather knows not to read coherently

commits hundred and one mistakes

while going through the preliminary

leave alone the holy ethics

writes with glaring errors  in  a range

boasts of his wisdom with a pomp

smile do I seeing him talk with such splendour

a crook  he is in every walk with the least tenure.

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Many More Like Her.

sadistKate calls and tells with an undertone.

She talks round about with a dual tone.

She converses in a sly tone.

She guffaws with a rude tone.


Kate speaks high about her kids.

She praises   sky-high at all bids.

She  craftily hides their shortcomings in  counter bids.

She  is the best in camouflaging unholy grids.


Kate indulges in talks disoriented.

She builds stories all fabricated.

She passes  distasteful remarks undeterred.

She infests  a saintly glamour unwanted.


Kate has pulled on  for eighty years so.

Running about unmindful of her negative flow.

It is when she is going to get the blow.

Very soon she would find the low.