The World Around Him.

Last but one year ago he had funds plenty.
last year he went out to have in twenty.
This year again he copes up to plenty
His graph goes up and down in twenty.

Amazing it is to him always in show
be it his revenues goes up and down in slow
he maintains the same stature in sow
Standing invincible to the picks slow.

He being not a spendthrift all the more
counting each shilling in the fore
yet pounds go out speedily even more
not staying with him in the fore.

Not worried about hs graph rising
he having stocks of assets in the locking
moves around cheerfully with the rising
never disturbed by others talking.

Talk do others of hisgraph position
assigning it to a geometric progression
getting aghast when they weigh the position
as if it is going to hit them out of proportion.

That part of the world around him
watches him with utmost grim
as if they are going to out beat him
by ways bright and dim.

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Religions Speak.

in the name of religionReligions guide us through life.
Living upright is the way of life.
Speak not lies is all religion’s call.
Help the needy is their essential call.
Believe in truth is their underlying principle.
Never belie trust is every religion’s gospel.
Kind words and acts they advocate bring in harmony and peace.
Radiating cheer and happiness they prove demand no fees.
Humility and respect they insist command progression.
Authority and audacity they point out lead to destruction.
That being the basis of all religions at large.
Wherein breaks violence and unrest in a gorge?
Destroying the human race in gross.
Would people ever try to rectify the flaws?