Sense and Sensitivity.

The senses be of strain
when faced with a drain
the sensitivity becomes plain
as they leave a feign
there be nothing to deign
there exists no reign
there be no sign
of growth in any design
that be the issues of the sense
when it harps on nonsense.sensitive


The Lady Over There

The age has withered her great
With deep-set eyes
and discoloured cheeks
she looks like an age-old fable
going by her instinct
she spreads radiance
as her self contains a lot of reference
that open out without any interruptions
she coming forth with her experiences
emphasizing on the good
passing lightly over the bad
she being a treasure-house
who makes life interesting
as she plays a download (50)role
that of a good angel all around
making people happy in the round.


A Talk By The Walk

download (38)The talk going on

 just an empty talk on and on

 a veiled talk in the front

 an open attack in the back

 that be the travel around

 as they go up the road

 with a strong wind

 and come down the will

 with the flow against them

these are the craziest people as seen

who talk nothing with sense

these are the crankiest fellows I know

who talk all lies in the upfront

these are the most cantankerous group all around

who make most by talking irreverent things .

Relying on them is but foolish

going by the words is idiocy

taking them up for revenge is derogatory

ignoring them then and there is prudence.



Crossing over.

A feeling overwhelms

bringing into the realm

free flow of tears

as I am subjected to hear

the manipulations of people around

their connivance is extremely sound

none could see through it in the surface

being concealed well within without a trace

as far the truth goes getting betrayed

has been a way of my life in every stage

facing  everything  with a stoicism

I carry on accepting the realism.betrayed







For Instance

Being in a distance
far from any interruptions
has been the stance
taken to avoid any eruption
that would lead to fall out in a sense
staying far away from the deception
as proximity would dislocate ambience
causing a distinct dissension
deviating away from credence
flocking into the disruptions
wanting to head through a riddance
got away from the population
settled in a remote tenancy
craving for peace and no morehouse. for instance

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The Gender

Equality is the word most pronounced these days.

Men and women are equal in all ways.

This in reality is only a say.


Men still rule high though with a prolapse.

They set aside their ominous lapse.

They walk  with pride even in a collapse.


Women still toil in profound silence.

They brush aside every offence.

They are expected not to raise their voice in defence.


Men are not any better than the women.

In truth women  fare well than men.

The fact which provokes all men.


Women strive for excellence.

Perfection is their preference.

They interact  with lot of sense.


Women rule with an iron hand.

Their executions are always grand.

They add the charm to the band.


There is slipshod in their stance.

There are breaks and falls by chance.

That do not disqualify them from our glance.


Appreciation is what they require.

Scathing criticism they do not desire.

Their enthusiasm is a lovely fire.


Men and women are entwined in life.

They go ahead together in strife.

Living graciously as man and wife.