Callous He Be.

Sobbing she fell into his arms.
hsobbinger sobs became a loud cry
it went high up the air
broke all decibel
as she fainted falling down.
He, being callous, as could be
left her as such unconscious
down on the ground flat and forsaken
moved away fast from the blessed place.
She lay half dead on the ground for hours
not recovering from the shock
almost frozen like an ice Berg
while her body became cold
her heart beat fast
breaking all the norms
as if ready to jump out
and run behind him
as now she wanted nothing more
but to strangle him to death.

Actions Care Environment thoughts turmoil

Man Makes Them All.

The air around gets  choked,

The voice of most becomes hoarse,

Many cough violently.

A metallic sound emanates –boo,boo.

Fumes rise up from far,

The eyes turn  blood-red,

Tears flow down in  a dizzy.

A sobbing sound gets in         – hiss,hiss,

Vehicles produce carbon  emissions,

Choking man and nature together,

Implicating a catastrophe deliberately.

A chaotic commotion wakes up    – ugh , ugh

Cigar smoking  emit carcinogenic  tobacco

The lungs become weak,

Short of breath triggers fatality.

A silence  is remarkably felt.

Who makes all these?

The powerful  man makes them all,

To aid him  in his ventures plausibly,

A voiceless, cheerless , breathless, dead man emerges.