An exercise

in whatever form

is a strain .


Physical one

brings in



Mental exercise

ushers in

an exhaustion.





Identity Cards.

Identity cards give a value they say 

They carry a significance in the way 

  Most countries do have these cards

 without which there arises a crisis instead.

 Certain  countries with dense population

 get nowhere in determining the verification

 as the free flow in citizenship multiplies 

making it hard to supervise in applies 

no such identities exist  at all  in countries 

 the process in itself is laborious and defective images (16)

with corrections and deletions getting through 

additions and  references  get out of purview

 the procedure gets no way near

 as the finality gets postponed to the rear

nothing come out fruitful and hopeful

as the cards are thrown into the bin once more.





Belongs Not To Me

Everything belongs not to me
as I am always a being to exert
and a person to exercise
on behalf of another
going by his instructions
dancing to his vile and gibes
never once free to go about my way
if done gets crossed in the middle
found fault in the quarter
finally fruits go to someone else
totally controlling over from behind
making a picture that he had made it all.
Well,download (19)that has been a way through and through
now grumbling in the end proposes a nervousness
that does not befit my personality as s