The Strongest And Fittest.

Many animals that were found
have left the scenario unnoticed
The braying of donkeys was a sound
heard most in the mornings
but now notdonkeys braying heard any more.
The horses neigh in the early hours
but no such noise is found around.
Hearing a few barks of dogs now and then
as they still are held as pets
the unrestricted run of them in the roads
is found no more mostly.
That being with the dogs
the cats one or two still cross us
with a mew and mew in a demure.
Mouse and rats that brought with them
plague and hundred more diseases
have been constrained to the shopping areas
as the households have found means and ways
to eradicate them greatly and cleverly
With that the cows are the only left.
but they too are seen loitering in remote places
where human habitation has become rare.
The coexistence theory has long been sent home
as man has emerged the strongest and the fittest.