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Writing Has a Reference

The writing has a value great

be it a fiction or poetry whatever it be

anything put in words on paper

commands a respect and means truth.

Speak one can anything under the sun

talking high of that and this

looking nowhere else around

praising and bemoaning at the same time.

The basis of the eloquence be of strength

lively it goes with the oration

sprinkled with anecdotes real and false

heightened by way of fiery talk.

There be a clear distinction in writing

as it holds a meritorious significance

nothing could be set in black and white

without the fundamentals being right.

Words spoken flies in the air

words written hold waters forever

that be the reason all the while

taking writing as a sober reference.

writing has reference

Time Is On time

Missing the time

catches you on wrong foot.

time flies in speed

waiting for no food

time jumps over

crossing the flood

time hops on board

going through  a float

time stumbles never

persuading no flow

time chimes on time

ringing all time.time