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All Seen In A Day

cultivated landRight into the field

which gave a lot of yields

known for its  fecundity

famed for its productivity

found I a prosperity

a sign of wealth in entity

the barns fully stacked

the sheds full of livestock

an abundance  everywhere

illustrates the care

as well as the fare

a scene of grandeur

a picture of great decor

unforgettable in a  way

all seen in a day.


The Imagination Wonderful

The imagination is found no more
as there is a scarcity of thoughts.
it is the fantasy that picks up
a scenery that works up
goes the mind with them
in multiples of tens and hundreds
assigning a glow to the small flower
that otherwise would have gone unnoticed
ascertaining a cheer to the event
which would have passed of as nothing
the volume and intensity go up to create
a wonderful picturesque exuberance
so much to say imagination should be productive
to enhance the glory and bliss around (44)

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An Exciting Land.

The soil is ever beautiful,

With sand colourful.

White is the colour of the beach sand.

Red  forms the fertile sand.

Black takes up the alluvial sand.

Brown is attributed to river sand.

A large colourful hue is in the band.

Adding a ray of gold to the land.

Fixing a streak of silver to the land.

Enhancing the glow and the glitter of the land,

With fertility, fecundity and productivity all  in a grand.

Oh! It is a lovely  land!

Indeed it is an exciting  land!