Just Over There.

An opening of a workshop
there is jubilation all around
crackers go up into the sky
with a loud noise makes one deaf
the beat of drums with no rhythm
add to the sound with a discordance
the guests walk round talking incessantly
that make up the environ most sonorous
the speech of the chief guest echoes
through the microphone in full blast
followed by the honours and felicitations
the calmness of the surrounding is shattered
not for this one day in all proportions
but would be throughout the year
with the growling of engines
and puffing of the smoke all through
along with the spray guns deployed
to paint the worn out vehicles
all here be pollutions in strength
that of noise, air and others in the run.
The beauty of being exclusive is lost in no time.
Yes, we do not know what would happen the next hour?car workshop


Nature At Risk

Mountains are in crumbles 

Oceans are up in trembles.

Land has become a gamble.

Rivers are  in shambles

The land which grew grains

looks a desert without  rains.

Hills  which appeared magnificent

have lost their translucent.

The Seas which were soft

have risen up to great lofts.

The rivers’ were transparent

now express shabbiness apparent.

The cause for such situation

be found in the enunciation

where man’s greed is manifested

with every other resource being inflicted.nature at risk

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Destination Nostaligic

Wading through the rubbish  plastic.

Skipping over the garbage drastic.

Sneezing  frequently over the smell caustic.

Negotiating round the corner as a rustic.

Reached the destination  in a manner stoic.


subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Smoky Fumes

Smokes leave a disenchantment,

Wherever they are found,

Whenever they surround,

However much they abound.




White fumes from the  burning red,

Emanates  from a large fire,

Engulfing the atmosphere,

Polluting  the ecosphere.



Black fumes from the exhaust ,

Signifies a deadly  pollutant,

Carbon and soot are the resultant,

Afflicting the stratosphere  in  fluent. 



Hot fumes rise up the chimney,

While cold air sinks down,

Making the neighbours frown,

Also  they disturb Nature’s crown.




Light fumes from the cigar,

 Drawn into the mouth effortlessly

Puffing variant flavours wholesomely,

In every direction  effectively.



Mercy is twice blessed,

Blesses the one that gives,

And the one that takes,

Balancing the trades.



Smokes all  in general,

Cigars in particular,

Kill  one  who consumes,

And the one who inhales.

















subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Air In Awe.

The atmosphere that encircles the world,

Consists of gases nettled in a   fold,

Oxygen stands affront as bold,

Nitrogen , hydrogen, and the rest   are in  hold,

Supporting the life system  as told.



The air we breathe and inhale,

Is laden  with impurities  stale,

Consisting of carbon emission trail,

Tainted  with  polluted tries in detail,

Oppressing the breath to a frail.





The pollution sucks the existence,

Driving the capacity of resistance,

As the disease spreads in great hesitance,

Deluding the force of   tolerance,

Thus breaking the natural defence.




The saddled environmental tedium,

Gets  immersed  in an embedded medium,

Of chemical and inorganic  delirium,

 Which release  a poisonous  curriculum,

Suffocating the  entire human symposium.



It is a suicidal threat of  behaviour,

Where  human  deficiencies  is seen  in a metaphor,

Entwining the grenade and bombs in a fritter,

Squashing the  ethical phenomenon  to a shatter,

Raising an infidel infirm sepulchre.



subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Jarring Notes

The early morn broke out,

Yes ,today  it blasted loud,

The serenity got deterred

Finally the sleep got frittered.

The music  was bellowing,

There exposed a spell of yawning,

The mike was screaming,

Which provoked  a sudden startling,

The  lovely morning  peace,

was shattered into piece.

The noise  became  unbearable,

The  ears lost their decibel

The whole day ended spoilt,

The night opened out to a fault.


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Ridiculous Excited Illness.

I have heard of air pollution, noise pollution,water  pollution, coal pollution,light pollution , but very faintly about  visual  pollution.

Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals,particulate matter or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living beings.

Noise pollution is difficult to define. Noise causes strain,which is a leading cause to suicide and illness.Noise is transient, once the noise is stopped the harm vanishes. It is much different from other pollutants that are introduced into the soil ,air or water.Excess  noise may damage human hearing. But the effect varies according to individuals.

Light pollution has caused unnatural effects. The stars have disappeared from the skies, migration of birds are advanced or delayed by the artificial light.

The contamination of river bodies, lakes ,ponds , oceans and groundwater by human activities is called  water pollution.

Light pollution is an ancillary of industrial revolution. With the advent of industries came all modern gadgets.

Visual pollution is one that offends the eye and impacts our overall well being.It centeres around landscape , or building that the community relents to see.

A particular visual affliction today in Madurai , in Tamilnadu , India , is the hoardings displayed in all the main roads, streets, lanes, bridges and most vantage points. Every year ,this historic city , is pushed into ridiculous excitement, by the ruling party, Dravida Munnetra kazhagam party men. The revelry is the outcome of the birthday  celebration of the party leader Alagiri,. Third week of January is a festive occasion for the party. The posters of Alagiri are devastating.

Alagiri  smiling in starched dhoti, Alagiri with his son , with his daughter, with his brother, and with his famous father Karunanidhi, is seen almost everywhere. Today Madurai exhibits Alagiri in all directions, with praised verses, and epithets, calling him a lion , an emperor, a promosing leader.

The epicurean culture is disgusting. The excitement is unnecessary .The cause for such outlandish exhibitions looks frivolous. The outrageous behaviour is stupefying, Year after year ,such revelry seems to be an wasteful expenditure. By and large the city of Madurai , and the people of Madurai, feel the discomfort to the core, experience the discordance to the maximum .The harmony of the quiet city is dissipated , leading to extraneous  irrelevance and  relative morbidity