Peace Be With You

There is  peace 

really. you  ask

as there is no thing

that much could be seen

with peace and goodwill

as every other place

there is fight and tension

that go with a fusion

with terrorism on the sway

with  corruption on to gay

with that of deception all the day

there be peace you say

what sort of peace do you mean ?

ask you bona fide

I do reply in the stride

that there is peace I assure

not found in the political

never found in business

but seen among people

who play it simple

whether there be a fight


it lasts for a day

where there is mirth

it prolongs for months

there I find peace and joy

seamless they are

entwined they look

that be peace and contentment.

Peacethis is my answer

the case of satisfaction to the reply

lies on the way you take .

Peace be with you always!


The Word That Causes

The word of importance

the word which carries weight

the word which commands power

the word that percolates through

the word that demands

the word that ruins

the word destroys

the word that plays havoc

is not anything ecstatic

is not anything lovely

is not anything that is ethical

it is that which we call

some with delight

some others with disgust

even more with scorn

is the word corruption

that has entered everywhere

robbing the morales

depriving the rightful

prospecting the powerful

making them rich in tons

that which we have to condemn

with a vigour and rigour

be it corruption (44)

Actions Environment Evolution Experience Hazard. Interpretation learning Lesson Life Nature Pollution subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Destination Nostaligic

Wading through the rubbish  plastic.

Skipping over the garbage drastic.

Sneezing  frequently over the smell caustic.

Negotiating round the corner as a rustic.

Reached the destination  in a manner stoic.


subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Leaks ,Leaks ,Leaks

Heard of leaks,

Water leaks in pipes,

Cause a lot of damage

Power leaks in wires,

Caution a deadly hazard.


News leak in media,

Create a furore,

Nefarious deals leak through

Produce ripples

Soliciting an embarrassment.



They bring to light,

Scheming  manipulations,

Exclusive  negotiations,

Intimate bribing,

Deploying deceits,

Between powerful  nations.




Sealing the document,

From the sight of ordinary,

Implicating a deadly crime,

At the cost of innocence.

Recuperating their coffers.



As the leak spreads,

A horror creeps in,

The powerful set in action,

To shut the  passage

By illegal means,

And tyrannical modes.



Accusing the protagonist,

Of fictitious faults,

Putting him behind bars,

So that the leak would dry,

As memory is short,

People tend to forget.



There ends the  Leak.