The Workshop.

Workshopping the poems
destroys the originality
the flow is thwarted
a strained read
never be the best poem.

Tools are required
the more one uses
leads to a wear and tear
a caution on the go.

A Workshop.

A workshop

editing, correcting and reworking

a great task.


Pass Off

Happened to see a workshop
not a big one in size
a small shop into details
where the nuts and screws
the hinges and glue
all talked of quality
more the while the hands
were deft and quick
did the work with precision
a sight interesting
brought to my mind
the poetry workshop
where the rhymes and meter
the flow and theme
the meaning and beauty
fall into bits and pieces
the skeleton remains
a delineation is it?
nay it is a dissection
go to amputate the limbs
burst the arteries
lie illworkshop for a while in sobriety
slowly pass on to eternity


Just Over There.

An opening of a workshop
there is jubilation all around
crackers go up into the sky
with a loud noise makes one deaf
the beat of drums with no rhythm
add to the sound with a discordance
the guests walk round talking incessantly
that make up the environ most sonorous
the speech of the chief guest echoes
through the microphone in full blast
followed by the honours and felicitations
the calmness of the surrounding is shattered
not for this one day in all proportions
but would be throughout the year
with the growling of engines
and puffing of the smoke all through
along with the spray guns deployed
to paint the worn out vehicles
all here be pollutions in strength
that of noise, air and others in the run.
The beauty of being exclusive is lost in no time.
Yes, we do not know what would happen the next hour?car workshop