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As a little girl

I used to fear

sound that turned harsh

noise that  rose to be   loud

talks that  became  poisonous

meets that converted to revolt

friendship that bore ill will

love that  was superficial

act that  was feigned

altogether I was disturbed

seeing all these very young

around me in plenty

as years went by

I became strong

faced these incongruities

without fear undaunted

emerging invincible

the rest of my life.fear





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A Tower -Tall and High

 The tower yonder is high, very high,

Does it reach the sky?

 Nay it tries to  go above the sky.

Looks great and very high


The tower  looks strong  , doubly  strong,

Does it surpass the invincible?

 Nay ,it attempts to show it is invincible,

Appears solid and very strong.


The tower looks  gigantic ,really gigantic,

Does it overshadows the undaunted?

Nay,it puts forth a look undaunted,

Feigns a pose inimitable and gigantic.


The tower   is high ,very high,

The tower appears strong ,doubly strong

The tower looks gigantic ,really gigantic,

Will it withstand the test of times?

Will it collapse as years roll by?


( The poem is a metaphorical allusion . Tower designates the  snobbish  , who feign in vain)