My Intention

With a withdrawal from the family

as had had an overdose of suffering

finding peace in writing

intending to stay away from the near and dear

if  at all they do nurture love

as in my case the truth

being it is always one way so

as I had had enough of it

a toss ,a fall, a push out

with many an episode not forgotten

subjected to humiliation

subdued by outbursts

maintaining silence

just for the peace

wanting not to break the harmony

had been so long  quiet and sullen

now turning into a solemn Solomon

with the wisdom getting into the brains

decided to shun those  who have caused injury

discard those who have thrown tempers

not wanting to talk to anyone

whatever might be the outcome

remain stoic and strong

as the balance of life  is but very little and short

an enlightenment that has  come at a very late moment

be it fo good or badwithdrawal I really do not know.





Preferences In The Way

The desire to go out
that being a compulsion  throughout
be it a neccessity or not ina close
getting out of the house
turns an obsession all throughout.

This be the thought of many
the deisre being not funny
catches itself like a fire
sets in a glow without tire
a firm outlook in a way.

A few feel not so
preferring to sit at home
settled in the comfort zone
enabling a procure with a  phone
a strange phenomenon in the fray.

They being quiet and calm
taking life in its form
seeking the solace at home
getting things done without a roam
a curious being seen less in the routine.

The preferences go with the individual
that being so in every ritual
be it in shopping download (22)or entertainment
presenting an attachment or detachment
claiming a distraction without a stray.


A Day Or Two Ago.

theru koothuA day or two ago

heard a story of long ago

when men used to work manually

with no electricity to help them

and no other gadgets to assist them.

getting up early in the morn

walked to the place of work

with meals wrapped in leaves

toiled the whole day

and had complete rest  in the evening

with no other distractions

except the weekly fair

and the street dramas enacted

then and there with  songs

without any  orchestra

only the drum and the conch

that lent the beats

They were healthy and robust

eating all natural food mostly raw

vegetables  fresh from the farm

supplemented by fruits and grains .

Their life was easy and lovely

and they did live long

passing at the right age

as no medical facilities prevailed

facilitating a prolong and an extension

perhaps it was an intentional

giving  way to the next generation


Shout Did I ?

Had an intention to shout
with a full force and volume
Why I do not know?
What for I know not?
But intend very much to shout
The inequalities make me roar.
The greed provokes a scream.
The deceit incites a violent scowl.
The snobbery insinuates a howl.
The ostentation induces a bark.
Well, now I understand very well
Why I want to shout?
ans shout did I loud.shouting