Listening To Music

Listening to music  in all

could be the same one  in call

lends an ecstasy in  full

none other forces a pull

music being that of a legendary

or even the one at entry

reverberates and echoes

tranquility  descends  in the course

the niceties flow through in a sail

lingers and spreads  softly never in a frail

an experience in itself  all too divine

a feel beyond the regular great in line.






Logs In And Off

customer_login_img1Logging in 

and logging off

makes the day

move with life

being a transaction

that commands a reaction

with a great enthusiasm

keen to read the comments

eager to note the stats

still more wanting to contribute

no matter what might be the response

a great inflow or a zero vis

which would not anyway

quell the participation

that might at times be spectacular

and most times be very ordinary.