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Being A Tuesday

it is a nice day
being a Tuesday
the day after the first day
the mind still fresh and in style
the physic in form and agile
the workload not too heavy
with no tax to levy
the official duty not too taxing
slacken a little with a talking
a sweet interaction among colleagues
humorously sharing their relics
the brows that usually knit due to pressure
relax and widen enjoying the treasure
being one of happiness and peace
a contentment felt not in a piece.

Contentment count fingers peace Poetry salvage.

The World I Make

I wish tobaby-counting live in a world of my own

which I will never disown.

I love a world all for myself

none others to bother the self

been born out of a mother

my thoughts are invalid rather

as I come from the womb

I see many others in the room

the gynecologist and her team

announce the birth with a beam

the crowd around rejoices  aloud

my mother  curls in a shroud

then  I see many faces

which would play a role in phases

I cry in a full-throated ease

as I lie in a distinctive freeze

Could I remake the world?

If so how would it be?

My little fingers unfold

the thumb says in a voice  bold

first there should be no fraud

all things should be straight

conceal nothing from sight

the pointing finger juts out

I foresee an accusation throughout

primarily it counts on behavioural trends

condemns rapes with a mighty bend

the middle finger long and  slim

talks  slowly of the issues in dim

the child abuse is a detraction grave

the  contention of the ring finger is brave

modestly puts forth the hardships of slaves

though it is less  it still plays

the biggest  issue in mind

the tiniest finger finds

the finger drums on Peace  and Contentment

both require a dedication and commitment

my fingers close in a clasp  so tight

reluctant to open out anymore

the child in me wakes up with a startle

preparing to face the  battle

unleashed by the external forces

meantime sleep overtakes me by force

well, could I create such a world as I envisage?

mind you that would prove to be a great salvage

a world without greed, deceit and strain

would be a Heaven where you feel no pain

Could I create such a world?

I would, I swear by my word!


‘I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15.’


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The Theme of The Neem Tree

The neem tree in my garden
has grown in abundance
branches spread on all sides
with leaves sprouting on every place
a theme of contentment prevails
as I look at the huge tree so great.

A shelter it is to all who pass by
a place of rest to the tired
a meeting place for the hawkers
a play area for the children
a theme of contentment prevails
as I look at the huge tree so great.

It is a tree that gives no money
it is but a massive one almost a waste
says my neighbour with a heave and sigh
requires labour and time to sweep around
a theme of discontent prevails
as he looks at the huge tree so great.

He knows not the indirect benefits he derives
aNeem tree walk down the lane which lay bare and treeless
would teach him a lesson in a short period
the breeze he enjoys around his home
soothes and smothers his body and mind together
a theme of contentment he would understand
the next time he looks at the huge tree so great.

Contentment Poetry

The Chosen Way

Anything more to say
it has passed in a way
what is going to stay?
emphatically nothing in a nay
think of that anyway
that is a beacon in a ray
peace and contentment in everyway
should be your chosen waypeace and contentment.