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Blows His Own Trumpet.

Regret what you have said in rash

not his cup of tea at all

he speaks with a shout and a dash

always his way in a call.

Goes he with a smile and tease

when he himself is to be fleeced

behaves in a manner most  egoistic

never he has shown stoic.

He is with so many defaults

harbinger of countless faults

poses himself to be  godly

a blower of his own trumpet  blows his trumpet.sadly..

Reva And Payya

What makes most noise? quoth the  master,

An empty drum was the  collective answer,

ay ! Nay cried   the   stupid Reva,

It is  I who can  talk  loud ,

Not at all ! shouted Payya,

It is only I who can   talk  louder,

There arose a jarring shout,

Each one  shrieking at the top of their voice,

Reva  speaking in double throated ease,

His vocal cord cracking like a broken metal,

Payya   uttering senseless brag

Liking himself  to Socrates,

Reva and Payya set  ablaze  the thoughts,

With their incoherence and irrelevance,

Giving no ears to others,

Chanting incessantly their foolish  tunes,

Extolling their wealth  and their praise,

Thus exposing their ignorance, ,

Leaving a cesspool of mire and dust,

In the version of their lies and tries,

Failing miserably in the eyes of all,

As  destitute  crooks and cranks.