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A Harbinger Of Graciousness.

It is radiance

Bright and one of brilliance

Not one of the outward light

Where the sun fills up in blight

The resplendent mind

Shines wih a smile kind

Not that the charm lies in a deign

Exudes from a look benign

Compassion is a lively spirit

Found mostly in the Holy Spirit

Seen in man not so much in fact

If expressed he eludes the pact

Rises to the level of Gòdliness

A harbinger of graciousness,

Blows His Own Trumpet.

Regret what you have said in rash

not his cup of tea at all

he speaks with a shout and a dash

always his way in a call.

Goes he with a smile and tease

when he himself is to be fleeced

behaves in a manner most  egoistic

never he has shown stoic.

He is with so many defaults

harbinger of countless faults

poses himself to be  godly

a blower of his own trumpet  blows his trumpet.sadly..