The Day’s Day

It is pleasant
the day is warm
with the shine decent
causing no harm
the breeze cheerful
passing through lively
the birds fly about
and the men move spiritedly
with the night comes darkness
and there arises a silence
with the owls hooting in the stillness
the day ends up with little's day


One More Day

The day is long 

with nothing to do

almost dry and warm’

with no rain

being very sultry and sombre

with no activity whatsoever

the breeze is not felt

with no birds flying out

every thing seems to be calm

as being a Sunday

the day of the week

when there be a holiday all over

where there is no bustle and hustle

only the inmates in their parlour

ating and munching something or other

with their eyes glued to the television

while the child watch the Disney land

the adults get themselves tuned to movies

that had the headlines

well that be for the day

as it also has to move away

and pass into oblivion all the wdayay.