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The Exaltation and Constriction

The exaltation and constriction
at the same time with a proposition
in astrology and in life exaltation and constriction
profess a distribution
bring a cheer curtailed
an equilibrium instilled
nothing that overwhelms
nothing that plunges
this be the status in a drill
a little of that in frill
a little of the other in full
there is the balance in all
goes so without a fall.

Socializing in Society

Society forms the world community,

Social denotes the  friendly quality,

Sociality depicts  the interactive tendency,

Socializing illustrates  an associating activity.


The philosophy  of sociality is analytic,

The perception of society has different relativity,

The reasoning of  socializing is distinct in compatibility,

Expanding to all notches of society.


Too much indulgence in sociability,

Exposes a gullible vulnerability,

Too great an anti social activity,

Labels a  perilous incredibility.
Liberal society engages greatly,

Enjoying freedom in all adaptability,

Experiencing a redundancy above the capacity

Finally succumbing to the extra indignity.


A proposal  in society needs a strong sustainability,

Any  move in socializing should be based on a  firm integrity,

A socialist  requires a staunch humility,

That go to enhance the conduct of society.