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Busy Makes Us Dizzy.

exhaustionIt is exhausting and suffocating.
It is always doing.
Keeping the legs running
Forcing the thoughts to a working.
Directing the eyes to a hovering.
Enabling the brains to a calculating.

Giving instructions needs a knack.
It is most times a difficult task.
Supervision should never go slack.
as it that would land in flak.
Execution takes us to a track.
That would bring us lot of thanks

With eyes wide open we go about.
Even after that we step over the target in a miss out.
With deep deliberation we go about.
Even after that we clumsily handle the trial in a shoot out.
With meticulous handling we go about.
Even after that we fumble badly leading to a fall out.

This happened today not once but many a time.
Faltered and fell down at every chime.
Misspelt and missed every rhyme.
Lost and stood helpless at every lost aim.
Struggled and worked hard to earn a dime.
Alas! today is a day of costly slips in a mime.