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The Causeway.

causewayMundane denotes anything material.
It goes about in an arterial.
Circling round the terrestrial.
Carrying attitudes referral.
Calling for actions imperial.

Material has overtaken the majority.
It stipulates a certain tenacity
while displaying a curiosity
It lures all to a willing generosity
endorsing a significant velocity.

The majority go forward in a strange note.
Initiating a peculiar quote.
They express an invincible forte.
Presenting a delectable clout.
Enamouring everyone to a remarkable afloat.

The strange note leads them to a destination
unknown to those in the restitution
unfamiliar to those in the restoration.
It organises a scenario of retribution
Instilling faith and staunch determination.

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The House Spins.

lady Chaotic is not the word to describe.
Pandemonium is the right word to ascribe.
The house always echoes the vibe.
It is far away from the petty jibe.

The lovely house denotes order and shine.
It is an epitome of all things fine.
Be it the cleanliness which is in nine.
As well as its decorum which is above the line.

It is transformed temporarily into a din.
All the trash is everywhere but not in the bin.
The lady of the house accepts everything with a grin
as she reclines low with her fingers in the chin.