Verdant Green.

Many strange things keep us occupied
One such is Nature.
with its embodiments in full form
Nature gives us a propitious sway
with an imponderable way
taking us over the mountains high
through the valleys lovely in the middle’
along the plains flat and wide
down into the oceans deep and sullen.
From the mountains spring the rivers
which flow through the hills
going through the valleys to the plains
and from there falls into the ocean
after having been sucked greatly
by the people around for their sustenance
Iverdantn a swing the rivers enrich the lands
through which they pass rendering them verdant
making the entire environment green.



The river flows into the ocean
know not where the ocean flows
in the (15)


The Oceans Way of Life.

The ocean is full with water salty
yet the waters send a thrill
Seeing them rising up is a joy.
Seeing them going down is fun.
The ups and downs in life
seem to take their like
from their mighty ocean.
Let us see life as we perceive the ocean
The incidents sad and bitter
should not make us jitter.
The fortunes in life rise above
perching us high above.
The misfortunes do pull us down
but have to accept them without frown.
The Mighty ocean teaches us in profuse
We have to learn how to infuse
the ocean’s trial without a loose.BSeasunsetlg


The Self Conscious Ocean.

Roaring all days
the mighty blue ocean
goes up and own
one time in fury
another time gently
dashing towards the shore
getting across in a wink
receding to the ocean
kissing the shores with a hug
which looks like an embrace once
and which appears as a strangle in another.
The ocean ‘s roar grows in sound
and velocity according to times
getting over the hills and mountains in anger
and caressing the land in a happy mood.
With the ships carrying men and goods
plying down the seas to the other part of the world.images (66)
With the fisherman throwing the nets
attempting to catch a sprawl of fish
With the whales swimming deep
overturning the boats and ships
and small fish rushing here and there
wanting to escape from the whales and men.
The ocean goes on roaring and flowing
unperturbed by rain or storm
by heat or drought – a self-conscious worker.

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The Great Ocean.

The mighty ocean roaring sonorously
looks like a giant snoring vigorously.
The huge waves going high and low
appear like a hillock rising up and low.
The gentle ripples touching the shore
pose a picture of a mother’s loving shower.
The fierce tides dashing against the sand
bring to the mind the teacher’s strict reprimand.
White conches and colourful pebbles lying all over
provide a lustrous glow to the long stretch in a pass over.
The lovely moon and the twinkling stars shining
perch a canopy over the mighty ocean gurgling
loudly in a monotonous tone akin to bad singing. .


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Live Wire

songriversThe rivers flow with a melody
consisting of soft tunes.
The ocean roars noisy
contributing to the sonorous notes.
The ponds whimper slowly
conducting a mild flutter in modest sequence.
The brooks murmur minutely
condescending to a light twitter in moderate rhymes
The water bodies present an orchestra
intensely organising rhythmic notations.
The muse in nature presents a concert
releasing a rapturous ensemble in lively quotations.

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Life And Ship

The ship was tossing over the ocean.

The wind was blowing in a fierce notion.

The waves were raging in a jostling motion.

There was panic and commotion.

It resembled life in action.



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A Lovely Exchange.

It was an exchange,

Neither dealing with currency in  a range.

Nor involving a barter all the same.


It was an exchange,

Away from the economy in a range,

Far  away from the mundane all the same.


It was an exchange.

Across the deep blue ocean in a range,

Covering thousands of kilometers  all the same.


It was an exchange,

Where age did not come into the range,

Where affection stood above  all the same.


It was an exchange ,

Where the grandson poured out his thoughts in a range,

Where the grandmother listened mesmerised all the same.


Then it is not an exchange,

You might  blindly say in a range,

Yet it was sharing of feelings in a manner strange.





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The Insidious Impact.

Waters do meet in the ocean,

Lands do track down in a traction,

Wind do blow in a friction,

Men  do set themselves in a session,

Captioning it  as a delightful Conviction.


Rivers have a natural flow,

Lands generally have lovely row,

Winds usually have a gentle blow,

Men hardly go about in a toe.

Deleting justice to an  ultimate  slow.


Waters flood once a while,

Lands slips during the rainy file

Winds storm in occasional  trial,

Men exhibit guile all the while,

Seeking to challenge truth in a vile.


Nature takes on the cyclic course,

In no mean terms, though with force,

Men  go for back stabs in a morose,

Oh! they are the  actors with high resource.









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The Panorama

The skies open out to the sea,

The ocean turns out to the shore,

The land climbs up to the mounts,

The  hillocks clamber to the skies,

The tall Tower Eye stands alone,

Massive structures  run around,

 Marble pillars  hold high the domes,

Displaying  a concept of high and low.


Up ,up goes the tower in a terrible high,

The Sydney Bridge  across hold our eye,

The Opera House  concert flows into the ears,

Activities around Darling Harbour  catch the  nerves.



The mighty  Ocean flows unperturbed,

Men move about in a mangled queue,

Vehicles ply about in an orderly  slow,

The trains go about duty bound.



Boats sail over the water,

Ferries transport men and matter,

Ships stream over the deep waters,

Planes conquer the skies.


It  is business all through,

Starting from penny to dollars,

A transaction performed  all through,

Confirming a task  of a meritorious skill.