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The Oceans Way of Life.

The ocean is full with water salty
yet the waters send a thrill
Seeing them rising up is a joy.
Seeing them going down is fun.
The ups and downs in life
seem to take their like
from their mighty ocean.
Let us see life as we perceive the ocean
The incidents sad and bitter
should not make us jitter.
The fortunes in life rise above
perching us high above.
The misfortunes do pull us down
but have to accept them without frown.
The Mighty ocean teaches us in profuse
We have to learn how to infuse
the ocean’s trial without a loose.BSeasunsetlg

Noble Ideals

Aim high,

Think high,

Achieve high,

To  everyone’s  sigh.


Sit upright ,

Stand upright,

Live upright,

To everyone’s delight.



See  well,

Hear well,

Act well,

To everyone’s tell.




Eat little,

Talk little,

Sleep little,

To everyone’s  mettle.



Read avid

Write  lucid

Express   vivid,

To everyone’s  deed.



Love  all,

Greet all,

Help all,

To everyone’s call.