Verdant Green.

Many strange things keep us occupied
One such is Nature.
with its embodiments in full form
Nature gives us a propitious sway
with an imponderable way
taking us over the mountains high
through the valleys lovely in the middle’
along the plains flat and wide
down into the oceans deep and sullen.
From the mountains spring the rivers
which flow through the hills
going through the valleys to the plains
and from there falls into the ocean
after having been sucked greatly
by the people around for their sustenance
Iverdantn a swing the rivers enrich the lands
through which they pass rendering them verdant
making the entire environment green.

Actions Poem

Stiff And Sullen

Feeling stiff and sullen.
Nothing to think about.
No other work to do.
None to take care off.
Counting the “No’s”
it is better to keep away.
it is best to pop off. stiff.