The Viscosity

The viscosity of the being

stretched towards directions

know not which by any indications

keep it  away from any doing.


The flexibility to put it more practical

makes it pliable even in points critical

finally loses its validity in say

becomes a puppet in every way.


Not that I mean one to be frigid

at least a  stand of being rigid

not always as to be apart from the wave

at times be in a post ensuring a save.


The take so should be one with the base

not being one as seen in a trace

an emphasis should  be seen in the moves

that belie any proposals other in proves.









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The Lost Days

Lost is   days of youth.

Lost is  days of mirth.

Lost is  days of joy.

Lost is  days of toy.

Lost is days of evolution.

Lost is  days of  the revolution.

Lost is days of enthusiasm.

Lost is days of experiences awesome.

Lost is  days of adaptability.

Lost is  days of flexibility.

Lost is  days of attraction.

Lost is  days of distractions.

Lost is days and years.

As we lose ourselves in tears.