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A Cramped Play School

Housing a play- school next door

very little space on  a floor

not much of infrastructure I see

nor any ventilation could there be

the children all put together in little space

cramped and cradled in a place

no area  as such to play in the open

the four and a half hour  inside the pen

the kids are in a horrible environment

not even a washroom to ease out

well, the parents are equally responsible

have deposited their children in a place implausible

who would come up with an acknowledgement?

the parents or for that the management

in the milieu the little ones lose their health

suffer from bronchitis  that deplete the strength

a  thought by both sides could eliminate

the burdens the children face to a decimat147-A-teacher-in-India-presents-his-lesson-to-primary-school-students_0e

parents could choose a better school

the management could improve the amenities in all

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Mock Shop

Two little girls collected the coconuts from their farm.
Putting them in baskets they set up a shop.
The shop aligned itself to the wayside form.
Both of them took their chair in a hop.

The older one adjusting her glasses looked around.
Seeing no prospective buyers in the vicinity.
She thought of many strategies totally sound.
She and her cousin went over and over the schemes2 little girlsLatinQuarters_BuyTwoGetOneFreeOffer_Dec2012 in entity.

In a short while they came up with a proposal.
The six-year-old displayed a big board
which read “buy two one free for quick disposal”.
Then on there was a rapid flow of people from the road.

The coconuts were bought in great speed.
The girls made very good money.
The transactions showed no greed
as they were handled by ones tiny.

The older one kept the money safely in a box.
The younger one diligently counted the unsold.
The shop of the little ones became the town’s talk
The enterprising spirit of the girls gradually unfolds.


Actions Age Children Inspiration Lesson Poem

With The Little Ones

With children I am crazy.
I play with them brusquely..
I dance with them happily.
I jump with them wantonly.
I talk tojump them sweetly.
I sleep with them lovingly.
Forgetting my age and size
I become one with them honestly.