There is  in my country

 impetus to every scheme

with the noon meal in schools 

 to the school bags  and slippers 

there runs a long list  in stretch 

comes there the  job for all

 extend one hundred rupee 

an hourly basis routine 

along with that noon meal 

 few more indices 

a television set  for the needy

 free power to the poor 

 seat allocation for the backward  class

in schools and colleges 

 age relaxation for the schedule  tribes 

in admission and retirement 

 a  discreet case study grades 

all these to a level of defunct












Actions Age Children Inspiration Monkey Poem Story strategy

Mock Shop

Two little girls collected the coconuts from their farm.
Putting them in baskets they set up a shop.
The shop aligned itself to the wayside form.
Both of them took their chair in a hop.

The older one adjusting her glasses looked around.
Seeing no prospective buyers in the vicinity.
She thought of many strategies totally sound.
She and her cousin went over and over the schemes2 little girlsLatinQuarters_BuyTwoGetOneFreeOffer_Dec2012 in entity.

In a short while they came up with a proposal.
The six-year-old displayed a big board
which read “buy two one free for quick disposal”.
Then on there was a rapid flow of people from the road.

The coconuts were bought in great speed.
The girls made very good money.
The transactions showed no greed
as they were handled by ones tiny.

The older one kept the money safely in a box.
The younger one diligently counted the unsold.
The shop of the little ones became the town’s talk
The enterprising spirit of the girls gradually unfolds.


Monotony silence subscriptions thoughts

A Monotony

Seeing the same thing,

Day in and day out,

Is a monotony.


Talking the same thing,

Always and ever,

Is a monotony.


Hearing the same thing ,

Mostly and almost,

Is a monotony.


Silence is a monotony,

All and everyone says

Never it is so.


It has many facets,

None and no one understand,

It is never a monotony.


Keeping quiet,

During irrational conflicts,

Is never a monotony.


A passive approach,

To solve the unrest,

Is definitely not a monotony.


A kindred spirit,

In dissolving the differences,

Is far from monotony,


If shouts and screams,

Recall activity ,

It is a disturbing monotony.


If blows and tramples,

Reinforce motion,

It is a wicked monotony.


If schemes and ruse,

Register a buzz,

It is a treacherous monotony.



Monotony is varied,

It is repetitive and tiring,

More disturbing and most killing.






Dispassionate subscriptions thoughts

Dispassionate Delivery

Keep  the feelings aside,

Allow equanimity to be beside,

Deliver the message to the side,

Without any hide.


Going into  the  deep ,

Getting involved into the sweep,

Gathering moss from beneath,

Gives a scope below the underneath.


Dispassion lacks emotions,

It dispels commotion,

 As it lends a healthy notion,

To the  interactive motion.


A delivery with  no  constraint,

Yet with a disciplined restraint,

Foreshadows  any gross complaints,

Resulting in a novel acquaint.


Bereft of jargons and schemes,

Compressed with factual streams,

 Though the presentation has no steam,

The result delivers a charming gleam.


Dispassionate  is an unfamiliar trend,

Not appreciated  at all ends,

The delivery extends,

A   formal and withdrawn blend.