Deep Down

The controversy goes on
days fly and years roll
yet the sticky topic turns adhesive still
denial of the right to one
while they claim the right to another
both out of the same stock
a business not eligible to be discussed
in the quorum at all for matters deliberate
yet discussed with fervour and anger
by the one who stakes the claim
know not for what he wants to be so firm
shows out the pure jealousy one nurtures
that be the attitude of the man in question
a superior feel it might look so
an awkward stance is the reality ever.


Scholastic Against Monetary

Day by day it goes

going by swift moves

moving with great proofs

proving by discreet  approves

approving secured by examination

examining done with observation

observing performed by instructions

instructions given by attributions

attributions extended by scholars

scholars being picked by dollars

with that enters the monetary strollers

defying all that are scholarsqualitative as howlers



Monotony silence subscriptions thoughts

A Monotony

Seeing the same thing,

Day in and day out,

Is a monotony.


Talking the same thing,

Always and ever,

Is a monotony.


Hearing the same thing ,

Mostly and almost,

Is a monotony.


Silence is a monotony,

All and everyone says

Never it is so.


It has many facets,

None and no one understand,

It is never a monotony.


Keeping quiet,

During irrational conflicts,

Is never a monotony.


A passive approach,

To solve the unrest,

Is definitely not a monotony.


A kindred spirit,

In dissolving the differences,

Is far from monotony,


If shouts and screams,

Recall activity ,

It is a disturbing monotony.


If blows and tramples,

Reinforce motion,

It is a wicked monotony.


If schemes and ruse,

Register a buzz,

It is a treacherous monotony.



Monotony is varied,

It is repetitive and tiring,

More disturbing and most killing.