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Scholastic Against Monetary

Day by day it goes

going by swift moves

moving with great proofs

proving by discreet  approves

approving secured by examination

examining done with observation

observing performed by instructions

instructions given by attributions

attributions extended by scholars

scholars being picked by dollars

with that enters the monetary strollers

defying all that are scholarsqualitative as howlers



A scholar

It was an evening dreary,

The eloquence was fiery,

The oration was a call,

A loud claim tall,

Inviting the youth,

To participate in the sleuth,

Stressing the precedence ,

Of  the sustained diligence,

Invigorating the precepts

Of the moral  concept,

Initializing the   relevance

Of sincere  presence,

 Centering on an  interest

Of essential  trust

Concluding on a positive notation,

Hailed as a  scholarly  quotation.