The Blunt

Blunt is the brain

feeble and fragile it deigns

greatness  seen in a feign

that is how leaders reign

oscillate they to gain

blessed they are with rain

that come with no srain

it being monetary in main.indian_politics

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The Warming

The sun shines fiery red,

The sky is sparkling bright,

It is a dazzling sight.


The temperature rises high,

The heat makes us sigh,

Forcing us to utter a cry.


The sun becomes fierce,

The redness turns vitreous.

It evolves a lot of fears.


The  trees are cut,

The flow of water is shut,

The land turns into a rut.


It is an ominous portraiture,

It is  a neglect of nature,

It is an environmental  disaster.


There is no retributive action,

Summits are arranged for discussions,

Involving expenses in large proportions.


Leaders fly across the world,

Talk long with eloquence gold,

Return with no solution bold.


Years go in speed,

Yet there is no lead,

To sort out the bleed.