Orangutans No More.

Having been away for quite long

the land before my home had changed

with its trees all being uprooted

the greenery totally disappearing

now looking  bare and rugged  all around

the monkey family which lived on the trees

a lively interaction they had all through

with the mama monkey carrying the little one

while the other two older ones hopping up and down

as the head  of the family was busy hunting food

there was a grand merry go around all through

now the family has migrated somewhere

leaving me alone gazing at the empty ground

where there is going to be a thoroughfare

as lorries  would be parked with drivers loitering about

some smoking cigar and others spitting out

a different environment I am supposed to face

the days being not very far from now

as the work is going on with great speed

creating and growing takes time

destroying and removing  is through no time

that being a universal  factor   all the way through

the extinction of orangutans is underway

making the rain forest area almost nothing

but a place of buildings and yards

turning more commercial and causing a disaster

with that the eco-friendly nation has become orangutansunfriendly

carving a  corner where everything transforms into money.




Years Ago And Years Down

Once a quiet suburb

now a teeming hub

when a few lived around in past

while thousands  go about in present

when there was no shops all over

where now are giant malls and towers

when it was a walker’s paradise

while now it is an accident prone dias

where it was a zone eco-friendly

while now it is a place of polluted alley

when it was  a healthy explore

now i becoming  a  dire deplore

when it was a receiver of lively downpour

now i a deceiver of rainy outpour.

where years ago there was peace

while years down there is only chaos.

Such is the play of age not only on human

but also on earth labelling it with bad omen..

polluted area