A Motherly Look Out.

mother and three sons

With my sons living far away

with the timings in a stray

one might be getting up with the morn

the other would be retiring in a worn

whilst the third be involved in work all through

as a mother I make no calls  in true

fearing I would distract them

and  really disturb them

but wait in anxiety to hear their voice

a day without talking  leaves me with no choice

as there surrounds a gloom and a worry

while my heart pounds with a query

as how they are getting on in distant lands

hoping they are well  without any difficult stands

so  the day passes on the whole

dull and dim, moving without a goal

Well, that has become my routine nowadays

eagerly looking out for their return in a gaze.






An interruption in the life style
deviating from the recorded track
takes one out of gear
that too when there is exhaustion
it is but a break down
both to the spirit and body
there being a large amount of
exertion and disturbance
not required at the junctureinterruptions
bringing in a loss of temper
and an untold hatred
for what and when not being known
but do creep in unwontedly
making the days miserable
allowing not one to live in peace.