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Living Privately.

Nothing would leave me alone

no day I would be alone

being in a community close knit

wish to get away from it a bit

none would leave me alone .


I stay from celebrations  most

like to be  in solitude  during these at the most

a crowd seems to take me off from the core

as I wish to enjoy the sea from the shore

I intend to remain alone.


It is the gossip that affects me in all

placid interpretations are not in the call

a twist to the tale be the cause

puts me on hold and in a pause

I withdraw  and desire to be alone.


Folks find fault with me  for no participation

I smile within myself at their allegations

I had been among them all these four decades

require a break from the usual dressing in brocades

I would prefer  living privately on the whole.10373642_10152373894714675_8529262584983976700_n.jpg