Habitations in The Tropics.

Reptiles are found in abundance in tropics.
Lizards and cockroaches swarm every household.
Nights are times when cockroaches come out from the attic.
They rush out from the drains flooding the bathrooms totally bold
Kitchens are no exceptions to their expeditions static
To get them out is difficult and needs a lot of patience

The cockroaches fly high and descend in alarming speed
They are found in the dirtiest drains eating filth
contaminating the household with their presence indeed!
Deploying chemicals to destroy them brings destruction in stealth.
as the poison that kills them also would creep into the human system
causing not death but allergies and infections in great deal
To get them out is difficult and needs a lot of patience.

Lizards do not so much harm as they are mostly found on the walls.
They cackle and jump here and there giving a jerk.
They are sworn enemies to cockroaches as they catch hold of them at calls
by diving across and gulp them up in no time gaining a perk
Funny as it is these two live together in the tropics
that too in multitudes as though they are invincible battalion.
Lizards and cockroaches have become part of the habitationcockroacheslizards in the tropics.

Actions Lesson thoughts True

Lizards Talk.

I looked up at the ceiling.

I saw two lizards talking,

What do they have to talk?

Do I sound audacious?

I started wondering,

Their talk continued for long,

It seemed to be never-ending,

I came to understand,

They  too have issues to discuss,

More so like men,

Breaking their heads over money,

Worrying about relationships,

Gossiping about others,

Finding fault with administration,

Scolding their little ones,

Quarreling with each other,

I try to follow their voice,

I could not do so,

But finally accepted,

Lizards can talk.