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The Talk of Money

The talk of money makes me giggle,

Billions and millions and hundreds wriggle,

Like ants on the sandy ground trouble.

Going up and going down in a wobble


The talk of money makes me apprehensive,

The relevance to it is  effectively reflective,

The legitimacy of currency is abusive,

Creating an unpleasantness effusive.


The talk of money is all-pervasive,

Serving and seducing in a way contributive,

Striking the bonds in a sequence  effective,

Forcing a disenchantment repulsive.


The talk of money makes me plaintive,

The value of other skills become diminutive,

The love for money acquires a directive,

Shadowing other validities to a defective.





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Enrichment Leads To Imprisonment

Enriching oneself all along ,

Has been the way so long,

Now tables have turned ,

Attitudes  have changed,

Releasing  an uncomfortable strong.


Acquiring richness  was a pride,

Involving a comprehensive ride,

That include all the  qualities best,

Power, Money, Grace and Poise to a test,

Signifying a glow and a bliss along side


Connotations differ in  recent times,

With wealth in the form of dime,

Allows  those in authority to track  resource,

In the guise of licences and insider trading  recourse,

Gaining in enormous resultant income for the rest of times.


So far so good as the excitement lasts,

The luxury and fame have been cast,

Suddenly eyebrows get raised,

Suspicion looms large in manner phased,

Leading to an investigation fast.


So much so the suspension laps up,

Fingers point to the man at the top,

The less powerful go  to the prison quick,

The most powerful dodge the judge to blink,

Delaying their entry by negotiating a tie up.


One by one they go in a disciplined  row,

The minister, the secretary, the executive all toe,

The jail overflows with billionaires  illegal

Hitherto it hosted only  criminals legal,

Streams of greed, impudence, and cheat converge in a flow. 








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Antony Once Again.

Retrospecting the events that had passed,

Remembering the pleasing anecdotes rejoiced,

Recollecting the bitter incidents  experienced,

The embitterment overwhelms  the pleasant,

Contemplating thus , Antony comes to the mind  once again.



The lanky dark Antony has instilled wrong confidence

The erring  advocacy of Antony has instigated mistaken reference,

The callous  design of Antony has involved an evil indulgence,

Antony’s greed for money has challenged the rightful perseverance,

 Enumerating thus . Antony  comes  to the scene once again.




There goes a saying that a poet’s words come true,

If that be so Antony has to take the cue,

Antony , for you redemption is the only clue,

So Antony get absolved of your sins in days few,

Enraged thus  a warning is sent to  Antony to reprove.



Knowing Antony fully well  from head to toe

Having interacted with Antony  many a time  in a row,

See no way that Antony, a true christian, would  complacently bow,

Ethics and etiquettes are not in Antony’s  thought’s flow,

Concluding thus ,as foretold,  Antony will soon receive the deadly blow.

(Antony is a fictitious character refers to none living or dead)

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Beyond Reason

There are many   facets  that confuse ,

There are many concepts that puzzle,

There are many directions that mislead,

There are many categories that kill,

Why so they do queries the mind?

Is it an evil mind that is at work?

Is it a diabolical device that wrecks?

Is it a greed that overwhelms?

Is it a jealousy that breaks?

Is it a vengeance that slaps?

Is it an   inability that overtakes?

Is it a defeat that cramps?

Is it an animosity that cripples?

Reasons are so many,

They have myriad faces,

The destruction implicated sucks,

The depression experienced is gruesome,

Yet those who establish such crafts,

Live happily in good cheer and joy.

Is it not beyond reason?




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A Desert In A Platter

Every delicacy is laid out  with great care,

Every entry is taken care off with attention rare,

Every possible way is chalked out with minute  tare,

All things are set in exquisite style calling it fair.


The stage is well set for the game,

The parties look for a medium to blame,

They locate no such disqualifications  to name,

They settle for a  compromise all the same.


Suddenly controversies and conflicts get ahead in a speed,

Rebellions and revolts race swiftly in a lead,

The finality draws to a close intensive bleed,

Succumbing to the  afflictions  of a strangling breed.


Bombshell and grenades cause a tumultous loud,

Shrieks and shouts  keep the land  in terrible cloud,

Collapses and fall downs attempt a consideration shroud,

The rejection of peace  and joy is felt  aloud.


The dictators raise a hue and a cry,

The revolters agitate for freedom and try,

The West  stealthily creeps in a sly,

Eyeing the oil  wells with a  shy.


The desert falls a prey to the  conspiracy ,

Its  wealth is robbed in high frequency,

The self proclaimed leaders  deal with a piracy,

Along with the Western assured tenancy.


The emptying of the platter is  swift

The treasure gets almost over in a regular  drift,

Oh! No! the oil wells keep on supplying   like a gift

Unmindful of the  turbulence and a wicked drift.




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The Inedible Counsel.

Controversies foreshadow truth.

Arguments destroy facts.

Criticisms scatter hostility.

Contentions eject apprehension.

Such was a lawyer’s argument in a court.

Lawyers get paid by their clients.

So they indulge in making distortions of ethics.

They convert  cold lies into hot factual.

They sell their integrity for  money.

They have to engage in such determinate proxies to keep their hearth burning.

There are  few counsels ,who honour their profession by not accepting such dubious cases.

As all good things could be numbered, this breed of advocates are  only meagre.

A lawyer ,whom I know , values money more than his profession.

He takes up the side which  has powers , knowingly or unknowingly  posted on them by their fathers.

The particular clan  crackles law, stumps truth, bowls  ingenuity .

To protect them ,they reach out to our lawyer, who responds to their call with great enthusiasm

The lawyer on topic , has forsaken not only his profession, but also his conscience.

Instead of advising them to work on meritorious execution, fuels their venom with his indiscreet   talk.

By fanning their greed, he gains.

Th e monetary sphere claims superiority that the matter enters the court.

Unnecessary  defects do occur , spoiling the sport .

The tranquillity expires due to such deceits .


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 I  know something.

I wish to announce,

I want you to  follow,

Never be greedy.

Will you do that?

As greed leads to a fall


What do you hear?

I hear something,

I wish to tell,

I want you to abide by it.

Never be greedy

Will you do that?

As greed directs you to disaster.



What do you see?

I see something.

I wish to  record,

I want you to go by it,

Never be greedy,

Will you do that ?

As greed turns you inside out.


I have known

Greed is ominous,

I have  perceived it now.

Terrible is the aftermath

Pathetic is the effect.


I have seen,

Greed is treacherous

I  assure you now,

Horrible is the  pronouncement,

Deplorable is the predicament.


I have heard,

Greed is atrocious.

I promise now,

Implorable is the designation,

Miserable is the annihilation.


Restrict your desire,

Reform your thoughts,

I  ensure you,

Happiness is in placidity

Mercy is in  felcity.