The Magnificent Sari

Handloom cotton saris
with checks and stripes
plain and with broad borders
look enchanting. Present
an elegance and a gorgeous
style inexplicable,

Starching them is laborious.
Need to be ironed.Tedious
but worth the hard work.
The decorum is commanding
being a lovely designer wear
for all occasions.

Charm apart, it requires
no stitching. The texture
falls on you with ease,
does not cling to you,
lies loose. Lends an
ephemeral look

If one has to walk
in a sunny afternoon
can cover the head with
the pallu. One can wipe
the wet hands remove
the sweat ‘from the face.

Eulogizing the sari
is my pet subject.
never lose an opportunity
to rant about them
especially the cotton
handwoven ones.