In A Maze

I am in the midst
of relations in my

the retinue around me
keeps vigil for what
I do not know,

could be a ploy
being one of deceit
to pin me down.

They watch every move
and every deal with
uncanny insight.

Obsessed with building
a new house lose track
of what happens,

A little about me
neither wise nor foolish
I fall in the mid range,

I do not get ‘swayed
by money or rapport,
rely on my conscience,

refrain from seeking
unwanted gains, nor like
to tag with insincere ones.

Startled to find
eyes behind my back
chasing like a shadow,

my conversations
with a limited few is

I move out even less
that being noted
with timings,

hiring personnel ‘
for chores gets thwarted
somehow or other.

Hear questions
as where I am?
and what I do?

They resound,
in the background
I freeze.

All being done
with the one in mind
I am an hindrance,

they feel I am prickly
like a thorn, toppling
their progress.

Perhaps, they want
to push me
out of the world.

Mystery shrouds.
Can they do? I wonder
Not really, for they know
I am strong.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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