Hyper activism

Indulging into any,

Diving into many,

Crossing all,

Pushing ball,

Delivers  irrelevance.

Messing things,

Meaningless sing,

Poking into,

Seizing unto,

Directs irrationality

Unwanted pop,

Interfering sop,

Garrulous chat,

Falling flat,

Details  detestation

Tremendous squabble,

Tedious  babble,

Ugly quarrel,

Dirty moral,

Discuss torment.

Shrill speech,

Oblivious teach,

Aggressive arrogance,

Disrupting  tense,

Project chaos.

An out of focus  presence,

An  out of limit dissonance,

A loud crackdown,

A  blowing pull down,

Pronounces hyper activism


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