Up To Play

The rains play with me

so do the squirrels

as such both  are up to pranks

they are mischievous and freesqiurrels_in_eave


In the morning it was bright and sunny

I placed my carpets out in  the open yard

the rains poured for a few minutes

I ran to save them in a manner funny.


Could be similar in the afternoon too

I lay on my bed looking through

the sun was cheerful and brilliant in tone

the rains poured and were torrential too.


The squirrel entered through the front door

I usually keep the door open all through

never did the squirrel made its way in

I have to firmly close the main door.


My dining room opens out to the garden

I watch the greenery around

the squirrel came through the entrance

the little one has become a burden.


The ways I am mocked through the day

seem not a few but too many

small incidents put me to task

well, life works out that way.





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