Like To Jump —-Haiku

Like to jump

jump  with joy all day

age not conducive.


Age not conducive

feel sad on the whole

activity being minimal.


Activity being minimal

want to live through happy

a sail smooth.


Human Errors.

Human errors turn expensive

when one sees in a retrospective

one being the medical  findings

other being the  monetary tidings

calculations  vary with institutions

irregular turn the investigations

they mainart_suddenlysick.jpg could turn fatal due to wrong interpretations

would ensue a loss  in business deviations

well, after all the professional is a human

susceptible to faults and errors being a man


A Game And A Catch

Istrategic planningt is a straight game

nothing in a hide

though he is tame

he takes sides

he plays beautifully

a slip and a fall

could be pretentiously

that be he in a call

a disguise and a pretext

he does so immaculately

none else could be of interest

as he goes on his own discreetly

plans and schemes well ahead

targets  with an accuracy

his aim penetrates through

strikes the chord pinpoint

traps the prey without a clue

that be his procedure  in the joint.




Considering A Mishap

A mishap on the way

intercepts with a force

call it I a mishap

could be so as it is terrific

want to avert it badly

get caught into it ambiguously

I am baffled all the same

a let out is in the frame

I am in a dilemma now and then

like to tackle with deft at times

wish to let it go most times

could be a bonanza if I handle with knack

would turn a disaster if I play bad

ashamed of myself at this juncture

umishapnable to resolve at this age.




It So Happens.

It so happens  in a day

that which should not happens

that which should happens not

could be a very  different play

being one that has to depend

one on the other in a start

an anticipation goes on in a way

a disappointment rises up in a stay

well, that is how it happens

not only to me but to all.Just So Happens