Dare You Drive me Out

Dare you drive me out

dare you shun me always

dare you curse me all through

dare you not do any of those

I am rain all the more

the life giver at the best

nothing could happen without me

none would grow or live  without me

I am the best source of life

quoth water with pride

I spoke rather in modest tone

none can deny your value

one cannot accuse you of anything

except the way you flood

carry away with you whatever you touch

be it a child, an adult, an old man,

be it a dog, cat, snake or lizard

you take with you in such speed

they swoon and succumb to  your force

mercilessly you scoop and toss them

could be an end to those lives

snatched away by your away



Motivation In Life

Consider others in the way

think  not of you alone all the days

turn  and look far  beyond

notice not only the things in and around

talk  with a concern for those in need

focus not on your own feed

try to kind and helpful  in all possibility

never run away from assistance in plausibility

well, let  these motivate  your life

as you go about in your strife.zombie-motivate




No Drop To Drink

Rains go ahead

wait for none

seem to pour

day and night

the ground soaks

wherever you turn

you find water

a ghastly sight

as it leaps up

first to your ankles

goes up to your knees

rises up to your neck

finally the whole of you

could not be found

you go under water

rain pours undisturbed

the lakes and reservoirs breach

it is more water all the way

water, water, everywhere

no drop to drink.water, water


My Door Ajar.

it is a bit tiring

could I say boring

with no work to do

none requires urgency

work is done automatically

I turn lethargic  all the way

read and relax  all the day

write and rejoice all through

musical my life has become

I hear all pleasant notes around

nothing much I have to do

as to keep my door ajar.

Hallway with front door ajar
Half-open door with stained-glass panels in townhouse hall with wooden flooring — Image by © David Giles/EWA Stock. Whiting & Associates/Corbis