Motoring Through

Motoring through the meandering road

landed on a rugged slot

the way being not narrow but broad

managed to reach the plot

being one of not small but medium

I negotiated through the drive

not one of being much of a tedium

the motoring could not be more live

each turn was specific in a sharp

one not being anyway easy

went ahead in a way like a hop

with the wind being very breezy

could not feel the exhaustion as usual

accomplished the travel in a casual

great and significant like a ritual

a drive could not be more memorable

as my driving is all the more reliable.motoring.jpg





A Ban Unsolicited

Countries ban Christmas celebrations

one religion being against another

seems like a child’s quarrel with an innovation

blame one after a long time rather

religion is one’s faith and belief

interfere not in the individual’s life

let he have his own relief

the rejoice and enjoyment is his own strife

prohibiting him from this basic rights

seems to be a denial forthright.countries ban christmas